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How are you dealing with life's challenges in the face of these unprecedented times?
Anxiety, fears, and depression are all reactions to Covid 19. 
I can help! 
With HIPAA Compliant video conferencing, we can work together to find ways to stay strong!
Here's what to do:
Call me at 512-445-5633 and we can chat about your needs.
Download my contract to ensure the confidentiality of the counseling
We will set up a time for our video conference.
I will invite you by text or email to
Social Distancing does not mean being alone and scared!
WE are in these strange times together!

I have practiced psychotherapy fot over 40 years and have experience counseling individuals, couples, families deal with anxiety, depression, trauma, interpersonal conflict using an array of techniques including hypnotherapy, EMDR, and meditation.


Imagine life without tender hugs

Life without human touch


An unknown existence

We will need new ways to grieve

Imagine April without spring flings

Gatherings only on Zoom

Craving connection

Smiles from afar

We will need new ways to grieve

Imagine our friends and family


No Passover Seders, no Easter Mass

Community on screen

We will need new ways to grieve

Imagine a serene garden

Where life continues to bloom

And surrender

To daily, joys, prayer and hope

We will need new ways to grieve

We WILL grieve our loss

We WILL find our strength

And once again

We WILL hug, and hold and touch

And be together

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