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Life and Executive Coaching

As has been stated in Newsweek, “coaching is part consultant, part motivational speaker, and part therapist.” I am a Certified Life Coach who works with individuals who are passionate and excited about change. I will help you find the tools that will enable you to move on a path of self improvement. The goal of coaching is to tap into your potential and help you define and achieve your personal and/or professional goals.


A coach helps uncover roadblocks and limiting beliefs, and helps you visualize moving beyond your own walls. The therapist has the techniques to remove these emotional blocks and build self-esteem. This then enables you to trust in yourself, find your strengths and attributes, to begin exploration of what changes you want to make on your career path or in your relationships. As a therapist and coach I can help you remove your emotional blocks and move you forward.


As your coach I help you incorporate these changes and new skills into your life. I can empower, mentor, encourage and motivate you to take action to achieve your personal and professional goals. There is a comfort in knowing that a coach follows you throughout the change process, keeping you hopeful, driven and positive.


                                                                  How Coaches Stay Positive


The goals of coaching are to help people move beyond their roadblocks , keep them moving forward, guide them to be solution-oriented, and strategy-minded, and above all to be positive and hopeful that change can happen.

To enable clients to reach their goals, we as coaches must stay positive, open-minded, confident, and optimistic. And so, t he question is, “How do we maintain our emotional strength in the face of our own personal dilemmas and crises?”. After all, we are humans first, subject to the same relationship, financial, social and spiritual concerns as our clients.


Let me offer some suggestions that we can do to prevent emotional burn out.


  1. Reframe our own difficulties as experiences from which to grow and learn.

  2. Create a place of serenity and peace where we can recharge our batteries, let go of stress, and be self-reflective.

  3. Maintain a calm clear mind which enables one to see things from a perspective free from the distortions of a mood or set of circumstances.

  4. Know that we are in control of our happiness and unhappiness. Regardless of what negatives one is faced with, we can shift our thinking to see the glass half full. Of course, this is what we hope to impart to our clients, so we must role model this perception of life.

  5. Maintain a balanced life. Our well-being demands that we take time for our loving relationships, time for physical exercise, time to reflect on our spiritual beliefs, and above all time to just be.

  6. Love what you do. When work become drudgery, boring, exhausting, or losing meaning, it is time for us to make a change!


We must always stay attuned to our own state of being, and do our own personal growth work. Our clients deserve a coach whose own life has order, peace and personal happiness.












You taught me how to live with contentment and life has been fun.



Because of you my life is happier. You make  such a difference.


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