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Psychotherapy is a catchall word that encompasses the process of emotional growth.

There are times in all our lives when we get stuck – we are no longer happy with ourselves, our relationships, or our work. Yet we don’t know how to make changes. There are blocks that keep us from moving forward. Psychotherapy helps understand what these blocks are – such as lack of belief in ourselces, low self-esteem, fears of the unknown, or insecurities; and helps move beyond these walls, to free you to see yourself and the world with fresh eyes.


My philosophy is that each of us has untapped inner resources to help the find peace and contentment. These sources may be covered up by negative past experiences causing emotional pain. Psychotherapy can help heal this pain so that resources can surface.

The relationship (between therapist and incividual, couple, family) is key. As a humanistic therapist my goal is to treat eaach person seeking my help with respect and acceptance and build a mutually trusting

relationsip. Rather than view yoursselves  as having a “problem”, I’d like you all to view yourselves as having strength to take the first step towards change. Psychotherapy is the means to reach that goal.


                            Therapeutic Techniques

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is a model of change coined by Dr. Francis Shapiro as a means to process information that has been dysfunctionally stored in our memory.


Any early negative experience that we hold onto can be triggered in our present day and elicit the same negativer emotion and beliefs embodied in these memories. EMDR seeks to reprocess the information to allow new ways to understand the past, and allow the more positiver present to generalize to the associated memories. This is known as adaptive information processing. It helps unblock the body’s nzatural healing abilities.


Using EMDR helps individuals understand the source of their blocks, how these blocks have caused negative beliefs and thoughts, and is a dynamic intervention that changes how each person percei ves the memory and associated self-perception. At the start of a session, a person may rate the severity of their memory or issue as a nine out of ten, and one hour later leave the same session with a lowered rating. EMDR helps move beyond one’s walls.


Hypnotherapy is a state of concentration and attention that occurs naturally. It is an inward focusing that helps us with self exploration, processing and healing. There is no loss of consciousness. Rather it is a state of deep relaxation. Hypnotherapy is extremely beneficial in helping persons deal with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, sexual dysfunction, weight control , smoking and other addictions, chronic pain, child birth , medical disorders, performance anxiety, and past traumas.


Hypnotherapy is an established tool that is recognized by the American Medical Association. There is a great deal of research that confirms the value of this



Using hypnotherapy is one way to make change happen

Generative Trance

Meditations - - Rachel Gunner
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How do you thank someone

for being the catalyst for

complete change? How can I

ever thank you for giving

myself back to me?



Generative trance opens up the channels of the creative unconscious while working with the conscious mind to translate the experience into reality.We often are blocked in making the changes that can lead to our happiness. Generative trance works to break through these blocks to allow for the creative flow and TRANSFORMATION

Gestalt Therapy

This therapy is based on a philosophy that with awareness we can minimize pain and maximize personal joys and satisfactions. It is a humanistic and experiential approach to working through blocks, resistances and defenses that cause negative emotions and states, and helping the individual become more whole. Each new awareness can lead to new action that eventually leads to change and growth.

I'd like to thank you for the guidance, advice and help. I know there are healthier ways to deal with stress and solve my problems, and that includes getting help from a therapist.



The world is scared now
Take a moment to breathe in
Life will get better.
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