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Mediation is a process for resolving conflict between individuals, families, businesses, large corporations and institutions. Research ahs shown that it is one of the most productive and least costly means of dealing with disputes, and has the potential for maintaining relationships.

Although mediation is a specific skill, as a mediator I employ many of the same skills as my role of psychotherapist, such as active listening, ability to empathize, use of open-ended questions; being non-judgemental, refraiming perspective, and the ability to be calm in stressful situations in face of strong emotions.


As a mediator, my role is to facilitate communication that has broken down becaurse of anger, resentment, sense of betrayal and mistrust; and to help redirect the conflict parties to negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution. The goal is not win/lose, but to help each party leave the table with an agreement that each has helped write. It gives the parties control rather than have a judge or jury decide the outcome. Mediation is an important step to take before entering into the very adversarial court syste

Life becomes easier when you accept an apology you never got.

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