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Are you a capable intelligent individual who is stuck in life and wants change? Are you wanting change but lack confidence to make change happen? Are you lacking confidence because of past events that have created self doubts, anxiety, depression, feelings of powerlessness and loss of control of your life?


If yes, psychotherapy can be the first step to making change happen.


Are you a couple tired of the constant miscommunication that leads to bickering that leads to feelings of disonnectedness? Are you a couple that focuses so much on your work and parental roles that you have forgotten how to enjoy each other? Are you a couple questioning whether to stay a couple?


If yes, couple counseling can be the first step to making change happen.


Couple counseling is interactive, helping identify barriers to healthy communication, relearning the strengths that first brought you together, and rebuilding the connections for emotional and physical intimacy.


Are you in a dispute with your landlord, tenant, employer, business partner or family member and don't want the expense of going to court? Are you so angry that you are unable to see the possibility for creative solutions? Are you open to exploring ways to resolve your conflict so that you can move on?


If yes, mediation can be the first step to making change happen.


Mediation is an efficaious way to facilitate communication between disputing parties, saving court costs, and preserving your dignity and integrity.


Are you stuck in a job that no longer satisfies you? Have you been out of the market and don't know how to begin to explore what direction to follow? Have you let fears and lack of confidence take away your ability to make changes in your life?


If yes, life/executive coaching helps you explore your strengths, your options, and (with my psychotherapy background) the barriers to fulfilling your potential so that change can happen!


How I can help


My work is my  passion. As a psychotherapist, mediator and life coach I have a common goal: to help individuals move beyond personal barriers and empower them to make positive changes.


Hypnotherapy, Generative trance and EMDR are some of the tools I use in  helping overcome these blocks that have gotten in the way of growth.


Change happens!

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